Shop, Reloaded! – Stay tuned for woodshop upgrades!

By   11 Oct 2015

Double the Shop Space…

Well folks, it’s been a crazy six months since we moved to our new digs, but we are finally back to being a “fully armed and operational” woodshop.  While it is WONDERFUL to have the additional square footage in the shop, let me walk you through some of the growing pains that seem to always accompany such a move:

  • No power.  Seriously.  More than sufficient power and breakers available at the panel for the entire shop space… only one outlet.  Count ’em, baby.  ONE.  And it’s by the door, because that’s where we do our woodworking.  By the door.
    • 36 outlets on 4 circuits added.
  • Two 4-foot, 2-bulb T8 fluorescent light fixtures, located right above same said door.  Just two.
    • 12 more banks of T8 fixtures added.
  • 4″ dust collection piping installed around the shop perimeter.
  • Pressurized air lines installed around the shop perimeter.
  • Slat wall system installed around the shop.
  • Cabinets, shelving and racks built, for said slat walls.
  • Flooring system installed for comfort, safety and ease of clean-up & maintenance.
  • New, massive, righteous fence system installed on the main table saw.

And that was all over and above the pains of moving in the tables and equipment, while simultaneously building a few custom orders for customers.  Sound like fun?  Whew!!

Not our shop, but the right idea!

Not our shop, but the right idea!

Double the Shop Fun!

We also have several other upgrade projects in the works, including:

  • Dust collector upgrade;
  • Shop insulation and air conditioning upgrade;
  • Drill press upgrade;
  • Band saw upgrade;
  • Addition of a CNC machine.

Lastly, we have customer projects stacked up 6 deep in the planning office, so we have awesome work pieces on their way.

As you can see, we have a lot of things going on at Doobly-Do Wood Works, so check back often or follow us on social media to stay abreast of the shop improvements and customer projects.


Mike @ Doobly-Do Wood Works