About Us


The Name

“Doobly-Do” is a non-sense word meaning “a unique, miscellaneous item”, similar to thingamajig, doohickey or whatchamacallit.  We got the name from the youngest son of our master woodsmith, who used the ‘term’ when he answered the question, “What does your daddy do?”  This is what he said:

“People come into Daddy’s shop and ask him to build them things.  But they don’t know what to call it, so they just describe it to him.  And then Daddy makes them their doobly-do.”

How could we not use that as our company name?  


The Shop

Doobly-Do Wood Works is the trade name of Doobly-Do, LLC, a veteran owned-and-operated small business aimed at bringing highest-quality wood creations that are unusual, unique or custom-built to our customers.  Doobly-Do prides itself on its ability to make just about anything the customer wants, the way the customer wants it.  Our master woodsmith has over 30 years of experience making furniture, toys, displays, frames, keepsakes, cabinets, cases and just about any other wooden item the imagination can dream up.

Our wood shop operates on Lean Six Sigma practices to bring best-in-class value to our customers.  We believe in quality over quantity, measuring twice and cutting once, and taking pride in a job so well done that our client can’t stop smiling.

Let us prove it to you.